The 5 Hints of a Strong Corporate Identity

Since the start of the Information Age, personal id theft has prospered. Fraudulent transactions concerning considerable amounts of cash are reported by thousands of individuals because unauthorised people have accessed accounts illegally. Corporate id larceny is the abuse of an organization’s identity for personal use. Corporate id theft comes in several types: using a business name on an on-line merchant account, finding very sensitive info in trash bins, hacking into an organization web site to steal or corrupt date, or creating an internet site with a comparable domain name of stealing traffic that would have gone to the valid company.

Corporate id theft is preventable through various precautions. Careful maintenance and protection of the site is most critical. Have IT staff monitor site access on a regular basis, and include an e-mail address on the home page for end users to report any unusual incidents. There have been cases wherein a business web site was hacked and pornographic material distributed through it. The corporation’s professional image was tarnished by this act. Often check for domain names which are comparable to yours, or be proactive and buy usually misspelled versions of your URL. Another reason for rising corporate id theft is that of misplaced paper files.


Misplaced difficult documents are another reason for rising corporate id larceny. Shred all paper documents to percentage very sensitive data from being stolen. Lastly, secure your computer networks by on a regular basis upgrading virus protection applications, reinforcing firewalls, adware and spyware blockers and changing accounts occasionally. Develop a policy about Internet use and speak with your workers about it. By surfing the Internet during working hours, your workers can be placing the integrity of the business in danger by getting sites with spyware or adware. Consider these guidelines and you’ll ensure the best possibility of avoiding corporate id theft. Criminals are always scheming up ways to integrate your business, regardless of how secure you’re.

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